We offer all-in-one wi-fi hotspot solutions using a web based interface. It supports wireless/wifi or wired network. Its very simple to deploy Wi-Fi networks. We’ve taken care of the complex parts and provide you with a simple web interface to create and manage your hotspots, set up your payment plans and/or print prepaid tickets.

We are hotspot WiFi billing software specialists and our solutions are easy to use and maintain. After we complete the necessary hardware installation to run a wireless hotspot, our hotspot software allows us to both maintain and troubleshoot your hotspot remotely, and keeps control over your guests usage and their billing, allowing you to be hassle free and focus on your core business.

We also provide ISP Billing solution for Broadband & Wireless. Wibon billing software is built on our experience based industry technical and business knowledge. We provide our global customers with automated and flexible pre-paid or post-paid service rating, billing and customer management, customizable work-flows for Authentication, Authorization & Accounting. Wibon solution enables easy and flexible integration with external billing/charging systems in real time, thus enabling the CSP to seamlessly provide services.

Main features

  • Responsive Design
  • Enable users to easily access the Internet using their tablets, smartphones or any other mobile device, thanks to a gorgeous responsive design interface.
  • Allows your customers to automatically connect when they come back, without typing any code or any password every time.
  • Customized Landing Web Page
  • Social Network Login
  • Content Filtering
  • Get your customers’ contact details fully complying with privacy policies, and use them for your marketing activities.
  • Define which categories of websites your customers need to visit
  • Access the system usage statistics in real-time, have the analysis and complete insights of your customers and improve their engagement and loyalty to your business.

Secure WiFi Hotspot Solution

Wibon Smart Wi-Fi, wi-fi solution with a secured network control system which will provides you with a unique username and password for each individual user with their login reports complying with the regulatory laws, which makes it mandatory to keep record of logs. Our bandwidth management system gives you full control over the hotspot by quickly changing access policies, controlling user activity or monitoring access points status and changing any setting globally with only a couple of clicks.

  • Easy to create prepaid accounts
  • Easy to create voucher tickets
  • Remote Hotspot operator for front-desk staff
  • Customized Login Pages
  • Web based Customer login
  • Full compliance to standards
  • Collects guest data

Wibon Smart Wi-Fi offers robust (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) AAA. This helps incorporating captive portal capabilities. Authorisation is based on IP and MAC addresses. Wibon Smart Wi-fi controller enables hotels to offer their guests uninterrupted connectivity. Wibon Smart Wi-Fi offers high quality service to high-value customers and facilitates bandwidth control based on each guests’ requirement. It also supports committed bandwidth allocation (CIR), burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR) and helps allocate extra bandwidth to privileged guests.

Customised allocation

Hotels can define room types and number of rooms available in the hotels. With this facility hoteliers can define or offer internet access to guests based on their requirement.

Easy access for guest with zero configuration

Once the guests are allocated with username and password, they can connect their laptop and access internet automatically. Wibon creates a network for guest without configuration or special server. Without any configuration headaches, guests can easily use the wifi in any of the devices they use.

Customisable guest login page and user-friendly user interface

Wibon solution offers customisable guest login page branded for single property location or multiple properties. With this feature, hotels can create location wise captive portals for their users. Hotels & service apartments can deploy access points on each floor and on the premises, offering Internet services to guests. A centralized Wibon cloud server controls usage and offers cost-effective billing and bandwidth management functionalities that include billing based on hours/days and data transfer.


Today’s educational institutions are being constantly challenged to make information more easily accessible to their students at their fingertips. This increases the demand for uninterrupted Wi-Fi which is more secure and provides more coverage. Today’s students are highly mobile and are smart too. They are always in constant need for Internet access infrastructure. Faculties along with students need Internet access for web search, knowledge sharing, online research and effective communication. Wibon network gives a sense of freedom for anytime, anywhere, secure access within the campus. The speed and ease of knowledge sharing is the crux of higher productivity. Colleges and universities can highly benefit with the Wibon networking technologies. Wibon offers, highly secure wifi solution to support wireless data, voice and video applications.

We provide

  • seamless integration with existing network,
  • network segregation for different users
  • Username and password allotted for each student and faculty
  • Provision for guest access accounts
  • Restrict each and every user on speed or bytes transfer or time
  • Maintain log as per the cyber laws demand
  • Our service adheres with the DOT’s security regulations

Wireless Internet Access for government offices, corporates and other enterprises is inevitable. Wibon Networks offers in different networks like Wi-Fi, Wired, WiMAX in single or multi-location offices with centralized authentication. We offer the enterprise-friendly features that allows only authenticated traffic and securely manage internet and intranet services.

  • Login through client exe/web-based
  • Authorization based on MAC and IP address
  • Re-Authorization Functionality
  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server, PAP/CHAP support
  • Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • Ease of admin interface
  • Quick configuration options
  • Based on username and password
  • Pulse Based rating
  • Customizable Invoice templates
  • Tax and discount facility
  • Individual and shared bandwidth quota
  • CRM Integration
  • Third Party NAS and RADIUS Integration
  • SMPP Support
  • Log reports in CSV/Printable/Graphical/PDF
  • MIS & BI Reports
  • Customizable responsive login pages
  • Create page for SMS OTP based login
  • User self-registration
  • Promotions and branding options
  • User Lifecycle management
  • Multiple login limit

Wibon solution allows retail owners to create an online customer experience that is consistent with their corporate branding and enables branding and promotion of their goods and services. Consumers are increasingly looking for venues where they can get access to the Internet to download multimedia content at high speeds. This scenario is a great opportunity for retailers such as restaurants to drive additional traffic to their locations. Many of the hoteliers offer convenient venues for tech-savvy consumers.


  • Can be clubbed with third party billing systems
  • Flexible service plans across locations
  • Promotions and branding options
  • Wireless POS systems and PoS merchandising
  • DoT/TRAI Compliant
  • Onsite configuration & setup time is less or is just in seconds
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring
  • Service Metrics – 24×7 Technical, customer and business Support
  • User friendly guest registration

Wibon solution enables hospitals to offer secured internet access to users. Paperless accounting system and patient management system has resulted in an easy hospital management system. For these CRMs to run without any fail, uninterrupted network is obviously a must. An interruption might can result in serious problems when it comes to healthcare industry. But Wibon networks has won in this sector as well. We offer different solutions available in different range of models which can be used by small to large healthcare centres and hospitals.

  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server
  • PAP/CHAP support
  • Offers inbuilt Database
  • Multi-lingual GUI option
  • Easy and quick control & configuration options
  • Role Based Multiple Level Administration (ACL) For Admin GUI & Console
  • Change Password Options
  • Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • Ease of admin interface
  • Schedule alerts
  • Alert users on in-correct login/failure
  • Complete Email Logs

We also offer customisable solutions for single & chain of shopping malls. Our robust solution suits small, medium and large networks. We offer features specially designed to enable shopping malls in offering attractive & customizable login pages, internet billing solution, bandwidth management, prepaid coupons, maintains complete logs of user’s activity and restricts unauthorized users.

We do offer solutions exclusively for real estate industry. For residential complexes and townships, Wibon networks can deploy Internet, smart and connected TV, telephone and surveillance over a common IP Platform. We can also enable home automation.